Let your creativity run wild!

Design and prepare your artwork...
It’s super fun, easy and possibilities are endless!

Whatever your level - beginner to professional, we’ve got a printing service option for you: our process is simple...

Step 1: Sign up

Create a free account and enter your personal information. Connect your online store to Painterest and add as many as customized products to your store. Then customers purchase them from your store.

Step 2: Select

Browse the product catalogue and select the product you would like to order from Painterest. We have lots of products, ranging from clothes, swimsuits to bags, casual shoes, socks, suitcases, car seat covers, apron and doormat, etc.

Step 3: Design

Every weird, vibrant and wonderful idea you can throw at us, Painterest will bring your design to life. We provide you with unlimited base colors, easily upload your design and create it with your imagination!

Step 4: Preview

Use our free Mockup Generator to apply your saved design to the selected product and preview it, hopefully it looks great but you can make adjustments if necessary.

Step 5: Publish

Edit the description, tags, price, and publish the product to your online store. The products will be shown in “My Products” and you also can edit the products if you want.

Step 6: Check

Once your customers purchase those products from your store, you can view them in “Orders”. After paying for the orders, we’ll print and deliver the products as soon as possible!